The other stuff

It’s the other stuff (aspergic?/non verbal learning disorder) and the way it has impacted on me that has kept me the most from as high a level of functioning as possible. Psychiatric symptoms are there, I’m not saying they’re not, but the biggest problem by far is socially.
Medication can stem some of the things that arose from my rejection for being physically and socially awkward but it can not help me to socially interact better with others.
That required help that has never come and a recognition of me as a whole person.

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Check this out, Firemonkey:

“[…] To demonstrate the viability of the theory, the author compared the hallmarks, emerging hallmarks, and enabling characteristics of melanoma to schizophrenia and found that many findings in schizophrenia are understood if schizophrenia is a condition of attenuated tumorigenesis.”

Puzzling, huh?

Not sure what it has to do with what I posted but interesting nonetheless .

The trouble is they see the symptoms but largely ignore the catalyst for the symptoms. I am not against medication for the things medication can help with , but there is often more going on than medication alone can fix.

It never will come, at least, it didn’t for me. Decided I’d have to help myself since no one else was interested in helping me.

As for required help not coming, my motto is now : “The less help you need, the more you get; the more help you need the less you get”.

So as pixel said, I help myself a lot.

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Sometimes people don’t recognize our qualities, it’s too bad really. Sometimes we’re suprised by what others think of us. But is it really that important? You seem to have a dad that loves you, at least you have that. As for relying we’re mostly alone all our lives, so it’s better to learn how to rely on ourselves and our abilities.

You have great insight and you are very much appreciated here.


You’re probably right but I have never been that self sufficient and good at helping myself. To tell you the truth I wouldn’t know how to proceed/start.
It shouldn’t be down to whether you are good at helping yourself or not. If that is the case, no need for pdocs/medication/psychologists and therapy just "Patient heal thyself ! "

Oh no, extremes! What shall we do? :smile: I think you do a good job of taking care of yourself @firemonkey. Maybe it’s time for a second opinion in regards to pdoc?

I am under the nurse practitioner and will only see pdoc in an emergency. Changing pdoc here in the UK is not an easy process and you don’t get a choice in the replacement.
I think they are at a loss what to say to me at the depot clinic as all they ever ask is how am I eating,how am I sleeping and sometimes have I been out .
As for doing ok: If living independently is doing ok, ignoring the fact I have no social network,never employed and lead a rather restricted life, then I guess I do ok.


In my old age, I’ve decided I don’t like other people. I have to remember who I depend on and be grateful for them. I’ve learned to be asocial because there wan’t anyone there. I have difficulty in communicating. I understand too much.

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Perhaps you just have a ‘perception issue’. Perhaps you are often well-received, but your mind tells you otherwise. Your mind second guesses itself. Common with Sz and other MI’s.

You always seem right as rain on this forum. To me anyways.


I second that, Patrick.

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It is true that I am described as having “difficulties with perception” but on the other hand the pdoc has described me as having very poor social skills. What needs to be remembered about a text based forum is that largely(unless you post a youtube of yourself) it doesn’t include non verbal stuff. So if you are affected in that way,minus posting youtube vids, it will not show up in your posts For example I wonder how many could tell @mortimermouse and @velociraptor were people with aspergers without them having announced on the forum that they are and described their asperger’s symptoms. Both come over as very articulate and good forum participators .
Been ridiculed both as a teen and to a lesser extent as an adult so something is obviously going on or has gone on that points to something different.
It’s not always paranoia when you see people casting funny looks in your direction.

Good thoughts and points @firemonkey

I think what is being called for is psychological intervention. This is one of the many reasons I am a psychotherapy researcher. I know that it works. We aren’t just in need of another pill or a new diet or thirty minutes of cardio. No, we are each very complex and unique, and therapy should be unique in respect to the uniqueness of every patient.

I myself have found psychotherapy to be the life changer about my aspergers. I learned social skills and consciously use them, albeit I do end up professing like an aspergers young man who is also an accomplished scholar. I am practically applying my aspergers focus to real world scenarios. I make my mind expressed. I control but I comply. I get my stuff done, I live well and enjoy success in what I choose to do.

What I choose to do is another subject but not entirely. I end up doing what interests me and stimulates me. This is part of the aspergers! Top of my department, well damn, they just happened to have a department which I am obsessed with!

We need to be respected, which there is a number of movements in science towards. Google “neurodiversity” or “'mental health stigma” or “mental illness stigma” and see what people greater than I do and also what I do. It’s not just a desk job, it is a way of life to promote social justice using science.

Now egg! :fried_egg::fried_egg::fried_egg: melatonin and egg! :pill::fried_egg: plant the egg, and eggplant will grow! :fried_egg::eggplant: now savant at hand to hand combat time :skull_and_crossbones:

Hit the books, autistic scholar mode engaged and fueled by vape and coffee :mortar_board::coffee:️:smoking:

See? We are just different. Society will make way.

Oh, hell, got that at least twice today. Screw 'em.

I sort of wound up doing my own intervention. Here are the official Pixel Stages of Recovery…

  1. “Uh, help?”
  2. “A little help here, please.”
  3. “Somebody please help me!”
  4. “Help! Help!”
  6. “Fine, screw the lot of you, I’ll do it myself.”

And everyone lived happily ever after. Mostly.

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