The only advise I can truly give (worth reading)

I don’t belive in self help books, self-growth or any kind of help from the outside world when is not asked for.

I think I can only change something when my mind is ready to do it, throughout changes and evolving of my values, throughout maturity and desires.

An advice is worthless because the person giving it doesn’t even come close to understanding your situation. If you choose to follow it it’s because it was already there in you, all you needed was a trigger, which was the advice.

All there is needed to change ourselfs is already in us, you want to be a millionaire? Billionaire? Presedinte? You can do it!

You want to know how? First you need qualities, because the world was build by people who have them, which makes the world easier to be navigated if you have those qualities too .
You need to be intelligent, motivated, have patience, have autocontrol, understand how language works, have control over emotions and have a deep understanding of the meaningless and humor of the world, creativity is a plus.

You could preety much succed if you have at least two of them in moderate amount. YOU DO!

You need to make a million dollars in 10 years right? How do you do it?
Use your intelligence to research information on ways to do it then use it again to choose a smarter and quicker way.
Use your motivation to become a skilled worker ,then again to be the best.
Use your language skills to con people
Use your patience to receive a inheritance

There are Manny ways which fit certain people and certain life situations, you can choose and make your own

After all, the only thing that stop us is US not other people. Other opinions, advices and critics are only a reflection of our own beliefs about the world and ourselfs, our desire.

bottom line

We think others are the obstacle . We are.
We think we need to be different and exceptional to succed. We don’t. We already are
We take things to serious. And forget we’re only here a limited amount of time togheter with others, which have the same issues, desires and values as us.

We need to understand there are no limitations, only our own


You know a lot of people here can’t even take a shower everyday.


This makes me think of my mother and how shes just a ladie woth her own feelings and wants. I forget thata sometimes most of he time

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Ok, and what do you mean by that, behaivours and things are not linear

Sz is more sevrre for others rather than some, thyas why i think i shouldnt be called a sz. Theres no name for what i have. I can take a shower everydau and enjoy it. Maybe its some other undiscovered mental illness, mix of anxiety hallucinations and delusions woth only minor negs

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People who work jobs repeat the same behaviors almost everyday till the day they die or lose their jobs, then they start over and repeat getting a new job repeating the same behaviors till the day they die. Everyday is the same, just people playing musical chairs periodically.

I didn’t eat sausages yesterday but I did today. Tell me how is the same?

If you can’t see how every week is the same for people majority of the time, I can’t grasp your thinking. It’s common sense. Look at these people on the forum I’m pretty sure majority of the time their behaviors are the same. Wake up, poop, eat, forum, grocery store once a week, chores, school….repeat the majority next week.

Repetitive days gives way to repetitive thinking. I’ve read this behavioral epiphany a few times before and I’m sure in the future I’ll read it again with the same refutations. Good things

That would be me.

Very, very insightful!

We are exactly what we think we are. If you want to change what you are, then change what you think about yourself. @anon96203037 .

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It is partly true, behaivours, mental life and also the environment are connected in the way that they will give the same results and pattern of living if not changed and they’re repetitive/the same.

But that’s rarely permanent, eg. Till death.
Enviorment and behaivours might be static for decades, but not the mental life.

If you look at the forum posts, the people you talk about have different desires and different life expectancies of outcome over time

They lack the tools and are cripples by the illness /meds.

But that only means they didn’t reach the point where they are ready to change and the illness is still not manageable .

The values are not there, I’m thinking because of the USA dangerous and stigmatic society

I read some of this.

there’s too much on my back that can achieve this dream.

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