My best advice

Is to stay strong
Be positive
Believe that every day from now you will better and better
Believe that it is possible to be happy and succesful
Believe that you have potential to create what you want in life
Have vision for positive planet
Use positive words
Never say aloud I can”t
Never say alaid words that make you less worthy
Say strong positive aspects of life
Talk differently
Stay away from bed words and bad behaviour
Do not harm anyone physically or by words

Learn to trust your instincts
Go with the flow with ease in life
Believe that life is simple and easy
Never curse others by telling them they cannot achieve that
Always support others with your words


That sounds like all good advice to me, thanks.


…take the pills…that is the basic therapy for all of us! If it does good then keep taking the pills.

Yes. Everything else comes online but it’s really all about the pills and a good psychiatrist who has a clue on treatment.

It’s a good effort.


It’s also good to work and go to school and work hard. Money makes everything so much better. I need a good paying job but I have no skills and can’t afford school.


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