The need for other schizophreics


Am I the only one that desires to find people to talk to in person that also are dealing with these issues? I appreciate the company and support on here, but I still desire to meet others. not sure why, but I do.
I meet schizophrenics through work but sense I’m a healthcare provider, I can’t “break character” and tell them that me too…and haven’t really found a way to connect to others and just talk. Maybe learn about different coping skills sense I’m still new to this dx and knowing…


it’s a good sign that you feel comfortable with people at all. Except for my immediate family and cat I can’t really abide being with other people


I would like to meet other schizophrenics.
I asked my pharmacy if there are others taking the same meds as me, and he replied no


@Om_Sadasiva your pharmacist wouldn’t be allowed to tell you if there were due to patient confidentiality


I didn’t ask for their names.
I would give him my address and name, and whoever would feel comfortable would contact me


Comfortable is a big word… Realized I need to be social and forcing myself to try and find relatable people is more accurate


As a healthcare provider, I can say that most would say no regardless of the how many people on those meds there are… They are very strict on patient confidentiality


Im glad we have a sz on the inside, like a schizophrenic trojan horse. <<— attempt at joke

But ik what you mean. I used to feel the same way. But after meeting so many mi ppl in person i dunno. Like the two i got close to from my group turned out to be very nasty people. And after i found them out. They vanished from the group.


@ablue lol sz Trojan horse. Sorry you had a bad experience meeting other sz people


I have the same feeling as you, I want to meet other people like me. I think it’s a sense of wanting to belong


Yes I think that might be it. Other people like me…


I make small talk with other MI people when outpatiant at hospital but nothing more. Young guys like me.


My friends are all high-functioning weird. I prefer it that way. Normal people make me anxious and we often dont share mutual interests and understanding (on a deeper level, i can do superficial stuff). My friends understand my weirdness and have their own:

  • Bipolar with psychosis.
  • All sorts of diagnoses - sz, autism, borderline light.
  • Undiagnosed, probably PDDNOS or Aspergers.
  • Burn out + husband and kid with ADD.
  • Normal-ish, but from a family with autism.

All my friends are either odd themselves, or connected to odd people, or so it seems.

So i get your want for other schizophrenics…


Weird does make the best friends


Im wanting the same. I’ve looked up online for group therapy.


Meeting others in the ward.


I struggled about a year to find others like me. I only managed to find one other person with schizophrenia but I learned others have similar symptoms. So I am now in groups with people who have bipolar, anxiety, etc.
I felt like no one understood me and fought hard to find my current groups. I now go to groups three times a week and feel alot happier and feel like I fit in better. My support groups mean alot to me.


Ive never fit in anywhere. Even amongst the schizophrenics. Im kinda at peace with it.


I talk to my dads friend who also has sz but thats all ive really needed. I dont like a lot of irl people knowing i have sz, it just makes me too vulnerable since i am a bad judge of character and open up to the wrong people. It’d be nice to know more irl people with sz or anything similar but i know i couldn’t handle supporting them plus myself if they were to relapse


I have a lot of abnormal friends. No. They aren’t mentally ill but they are interesting and I can hide in that crowd.

They all know I’m sz. In fact half of them had to interact with me whilst I was heavily psychotic. Still. They are my friends.

I have a family member. She’s married to my uncle and she’s sz affective. We talk about a lot of things but not so much symptoms and such. It does cover some ground but not all…

I have a great support network but I can see the appeal. Websites like this do all that for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve known people through this website I’ve spoken to on the phone and I’ve met in real life and some of that worked out great.

It’s just not something I need!