The need for other schizophreics


I have very, very few friends by choice. This is just my opinion and mindset and is not intended as advice, but 99% of the people I can handle for a minute or two and then I gotta get the F outta there. I don’t seek others out. I admittedly (and this is a fault of mine I freely admit) have developed exceptionally high and frankly unrealistic expectations of people. Invariably, they let me down, I feel betrayed, and I isolate. This is something I’m working on. At this stage of my life, seeking out others with mental illness would not benefit me.



Have you tried the schizophrenic anonymous conference calls? For me I feel the need to be in person but they don’t have groups near me



just give to them what they give to you.



I used to get very lonely and I thought I had to be around people so I would go to a lot of clubs and support groups and these would just make me paranoid and even lonelier. I felt all alone in a crowd.

Then, one day, I just decided that I didn’t need anybody but Gd to be happy. And I quit going out and I started spending all my time alone. Turns out I was right.

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I know my life has gotten better since I’ve made friends with other recovered schizophrenics. Before them, my only IRL examples of schizophrenia were my students and my brother, none of whom gave me much hope for my future. Meeting other people with jobs, and families, and lives they like really helped me feel less alone.

Is there a NAMI meeting in your area?



I went to a NAMI meeting. But when I admitted I was diagnosed with sz, everyone lost interest in getting to know me. Maybe just say you are anxious a lot if you go to a NAMI meeting.

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I’m too paranoid to form friendships in person.
Besides, I don’t have a desire to meet new people in real life.

I’ve met other schizophrenics in the hospital and briefly at clubhouses, and I just couldn’t connect to them.

They were low functioning and more aloof.

I couldn’t relate.



I can tell you that you may have to go to different nami meetings to find the right people. One meeting I went to was people with depression and bipolar. Another had a bunch of schiz



its crucial!

Who can RELATE!?

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Yeah, i definitely felt the same as you @Phoenix90. Once i got diagnosed, i went searching for a place where i could share my experiences, support others and feel like i have something in common with other people. I have found that here, and also in a support group i attend every Tuesday. There are a couple of other schizophrenics there.

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I also tried a support group but there were not other schizophrenics there.

I have met some at the hospital before, but we were all too sick to really make friends properly.

I do wonder what we’re supposed to do. I have no real friends anymore, and I feel that being schizophrenic would scare off most normal people.

I would hope that if you met another person with the same or similar illness you could get past that and be good friends.



This board is the only place where I know any schizophrenic persons :open_mouth:

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Yeah i don’t have any friends either…well i do have my partner who’s kindly put up with me for 11 years so i shouldn’t really complain. However, sometimes i wish i had other people i could socialise with, i just don’t know how to go about meeting people and forming that kind of a relationship with them.

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When I was in group, there was little chit chat amongst us of those in the group. I assume most of the people there were schizophrenic, but it was tough to know because no one ever revealed their illness. So, I was around other sz folks but I don’t think it helped me at all socially

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you should join a menatal health club…theyre in all cities and most towns…they have art creative writing and health management going on but also u could drop in for a cup of tea



I like people and iam social person but i trust very few people in life the way of the world iam afraid in the 21st Century i told people i thought i could trust about my condition mostly work collegues, but they turned on me at media full of stigma,I very much doubt you will find anyone the same as us in real life as most people with are condition now better than to disclose the truth to people, apart from a few people they can really trust and relie tbh



Sorry i meant rely sorry spelling mistake!


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