The Meaning of Life

i just waste all my time everyday and dont like myself bc i want to do something that has meaning but what can i do to make my life more meaningful? i dont think i can do anything


Music, tv, reading, news?


Or cooking, cleaning etc?


Get yourself a fun hobby.

I got a job. It took my mind off heavy stuff like this that I would dwell on. Not sure if I’ll be able to work for long, or whatever, but it does feel good to earn money and be productive.


I’m accepting my disability. I won’t experience and participate in the world as before. Fighting it has been for nothing. Being angry, mad, sad, just makes the suffering worse. Just gonna work towards functioning and meeting daily goals.

Might feel bad tomorrow. This is how I feel today.


For me - hobbies feel like a chore - so I’ve been trying to do chores and clean.
Its something.

I wish i can enjoy my past hobbies.


There is no meaning of life. “You” are just the passenger on a predetermined life, so enjoy it if you can…

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I asked this yesterday and got very few satisfactory responses. Honestly you’re gonna find meaning through connection. Do things for others. The more you give of yourself to things that are “separate” from you, the more you’ll find yourself in those things. You’ll become them and they’ll become you. Think about people who lived “meaningful” lives, they all gave themselves to a cause that was greater than themselves and live on through that cause. It’s up to you to find something that resonates with you as meaningful, though.

i dont know what to do now life feels totally pointless

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Do something for others

I just want to have a good life

I sometimes give money to a worthy cause. Once two men asked me for money for coffee and I pulled out 10 pounds note
Sometimes I give just 30 p towards ukranian

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You asked for meaning. I told you how to find it. If you want to be selfish your life will be meaningless to everyone except yourself. All the things that only had meaning for you will die with you. True meaning is found in other people and in the shared human experience. You are connected to everyone and everything, like it or not.

Make sure you are brushing your teeth , showering etc

Maybe you can cook for yourself and a loved one.

I get a bit bored and depressed but at same time avoid most people and being outside.

I can’t crewchetted or knit because I’m not good enough n I can’t sew because I’m a bit simple so I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so to say so unable to do seemingly simple things.

I can’t watch that many actors because some try suppress me through screen.
Makes watching tv difficult n limited to what and who I’m able to watch.

I paint like a three year old.

My creativity is gone and i can’t remember how to make konungalänk infact it’s a miracle that I once made it at home all by myself.
I can’t relearn and haven’t the tools etc

I can’t volunteer because a girl treated me bad by talking down at me and bossing me about which is not ok.

I don’t know what to do with my days.

I can’t read more than a few pages a day.

I just want to sleep :zzz: most of the time.

What can we do?

What will I do?

I can’t go to gym because too many people or not my kind of people.

I can’t get myself to exercise anymore.

I avoid going out because there’s people out.

I would love to grow food in garden but i don’t have garden land.

Sacred Connections and eternal love and relationships and spiritual is a meaning of life for me.

Also taking care of self and others and animals and environment etc best one can and being vegan.


what am i supposed to do stuck in my house day after day with my only friend who is a teddy bear? all i do is change my clothes, wash infrequently and eat, sleep and ■■■■ it is a totally pointless way to live

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Get involved in your community. Volunteer. Something so that you can say that you made a meaningful difference in someone else’s life

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i need help myself

Society conditions us to want money and attention. I have this old thread where I talked about broken self interest. Hope it helps like a meta cognitive reframing. Good things.