Broken self interest

I think it’s terrible how a system based on self interest can make money off the winners of society and the losers. Every person in power filled with their own self interest and that of systems based on self interest have found ways to shape how we think; ie shallow and materialistic- talking about people in positions of power, socialites, people’s net worth, the clothes celebrities wear, a business that exploits people and says we’re here to help the poor, this all upsets me. No real problems are ever really solved they’re just monetized and sold to different groups. What’s the answer? More resilience. Basically deal with it and keep on keeping on within the system. People are conditioned from birth to live a superficial, materialistic life. It has gotten to the point where websites are created where you state your position and salary to acquire a mate. What’s the alternative? A life not about materialism is almost always religious of some kind. What’s their answer to materialism and shallowness? To some it’s all an illusion ( pretty much nihilism ), character and a better life outside of this life, or karma coming for you. So what sounds more satisfactory: keep on keeping on, everything stays the way it is, or total renunciation, or be a hypocrite and say you’re not concerned with material things yet you have all of capitalism’s trappings but you’re deeply religious. Even if you totally renunciate the whole system everyone around you will judge you based on a materialistic shallow conditioning always in the background. You could choose to live a life of poverty and deeper inner conscientiousness, but most people only rationalize things after the fact for example; someone by merit or luck becomes poor so now they rationalize I’ll now live a life of religious purpose and help others, the thought comes secondary. Not many people chose a life of poverty over wealth, it just happens then it becomes the new normal and a part of this new life is developing a life philosophy that coincides with your new lifestyle. Someone who has a mortgage on their house, tell me are they concerned with how much money their mate makes or do they care how much money or hours they get at work? Of course they do. They’ve bitten into the forbidden fruit, they’re now indebted to materialism, so now they become cheerleaders for the system; their livelihood depends on it. So you live with cognitive dissonance and become a hypocrite the older you get because you become more dependent on the system especially once you owe student loans, a mortgage, a car note, medicines, and everything else. The carrot and the stick never changes throughout the centuries. You just become more of a hypocrite with ten tongues taking all sides in conversation hiding the real truth with a silent voice deep inside that never comes up to speak.

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