The last 100 years in the US

Great depression
World war 2
The red scare
Korean war
Vietnam war
Mass serial killers
War on drugs
Gas crisis
Desert storm
20 year so far war on terror
Great recession
Countless election problems
And throughout all of that countless racist atrocities, opioid crisis,
Mass shootings
George Floyd
Storming the capital
I hope we can get a 10 year period without a bunch of shite going on, maybe even some good things other than cheap fast food and diabetes.
I feel like Americans are in a media induced food coma and no one cares that our country is so volatile
But as long as I chant “USA USA USA” with everyone else I’m doing my part right?


You forgot coronavirus :rofl:


Most of the things you mention you would never know if it wasn’t for the you hearing about it from various medias. Not sure what you’re trying to get at.

I have my moments of not likening my country too

But I guess that’s how some things work

Every country has numerous faults, it seems like your fixating on the USA like it is the only bad one. Learn from history but don’t obsess over it, things have gotten better in large part because the USA leads the world.

No country is perfect, that doesn’t mean you give up and say f*ck it. Compared to a lot of world powers from the past it’s a downright fantastic country. If you’re only going to be happy in a perfect country with a perfect history you’ll never be happy because that country doesn’t exist.

You can’t look at history through today’s lens, you have to put yourself in the moment when things happened, the tech they had then, the shape of the world then, some decisions that are possible now were not possible then.

Tech boom which made a bunch of people rich.
National debt paid off and a surplus.
Great advances in minorities and women’s rights. We have a long way to go in race relations and women’s rights but there’s been progress.
Flower power.
The Roaring Twenties.
Opening relations with China and Russia.
Landing on the moon.
Affordable cars for the average family.
End of the Cold War.


And who can forget the cola wars. That was hell on everyone.

You forgot Neil Armstrong’s famous quote, “that’s one small step for man”.

You forgot crack epidemic

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What makes you think I’ve given up lol? Of course no country is perfect, but I’ve only lived in America so thats all I can speak for. If we don’t look at history through today’s lenses we just repeat it over and over. To me the average American is more concerned about what their ex is doing on Facebook than helping a homeless person.

We didn’t start the fire:

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