The irony of going green

So many companies are ‘going green’ and ‘helping to save to planet.’

The irony is that plants reflect green light, meaning they don’t actually use the color green for photosynthesis. So in a way, the green color plants give off is actually a waste product in itself.

So the term ‘going green’ actually should mean ‘taking what you need and throwing away the rest’.

For those who are curious, the color that plants do use is actually more of a fuchsia. So the term should be ‘Going Fuchsia.’


My favorite is the companies who insist you use the computer to print your own online statements from them because they want to save paper therefore save trees.
What a crock of poo.
All they want to save is the green money by not having to buy paper, return envelopes, printing the invoices, and postage to send it to you. Get real, they put all the work onto the consumer to have to print file and store their own statements.

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