The Great Doctor Zen

Doctor Zen has been my friend for years. He phoned today and asked me to post for him.

First, he wished to say he is troubled about his meds. Specifically, he has finally found one that works, but the side effects are awful.

Second, he is thinking of everyone on the site. He cannot get on the site, however. For one thing, his system at home is too small to load the site. Then, although he can go to the library and load the site, there is still a problem. The site says, apparently, he needs to change his password, and he cannot figure that one out.



Im friends with alien99 outside of the forums. He’s spontaneously recovered and has no interest in the forums again. I hope it lasts this time.

I miss The Great Doctor Zen. Tell him we hope he gets it figured out. Maybe someone will explain the answer on this thread.

tell zen he is still much loved and much missed on this site,

i hope he can get back on some day and that his meds give him a break with the side effects

Thank you Jayster for posting for Doctor Zen. Tell him next time you talk to him that I have missed him hope he feels better and can find the secret to getting back on here.

Admin…can you help? (Please) ?

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hugs to dr. zen. I really liked reading his posts.

hope he recupers well without too much pain and bother of side effects.

send him my love. judy

I remember Dr Zen from the old site as well - he is a very nice guy, hope he comes back