The Food Thread


I’m really into Hummus with saltines

and poppyseed muffins

my tummy loves it


I had steak, French onion soup and ice cream last night. Painful now.


I wish I could eat during the day but it is rare that I do. When the kids are at their dad’s place i often only eat a night snack. If I go out with a family member or friend I will eat.


What are you cooking the kiddos tonight?


Farmer sausage hotdogs, mac and cheese and raw veggies with dip


Farmer sausage hot dogs and Mac and cheese.
Definitely going to eat a Greek salad for night snack



That looks so good


Night snack. It’s a little weird but I love it. Can anyone figure out what is on my plate?


Crackers with pâté, mozzarella cheese slices and pickled baby onions?


Very good! I thought it wouldn’t be easy :blush:


I just have to go and have a piece of cheese now. Nothing fancy just some cheese.


for lunch with baby potatoes and carrots.


I love lemon chicken !


I’m on a diet, so I’m eating 3 eggs and 2 cups of lettuce tonight. But I look cooking for my family. A favorite is my Irish stew.


What is Irish stew?


Night snack. Can you guess what it is?


Onions and cheese


Breakfast was 2 slices of whole wheat bread spread with creamy almond butter. With a side of sweet black cherries. Plus 2 cups of coffee.


I had walnuts and stew for breakfast