The fire has been started

The fire has been sparked
My will to live is teetering
I will rise to the occasion
I am the Phoenix rising from the ashes

My efforts will give me fruit
My sickness will not control me

The time is now to act
My pain will be the foundation on which I build

No more will I be idle
No more will I loaf
No more will I sulk
No more will I give in

■■■■ the masses and the negativity

The fire has been started
watch out those who stand in my way
I’m coming with a bang to execute any that become a brick in the wall of immobility.

My time is now and I dare anyone to challenge me
my dreams will come true and I will make something of my life.

My fire has been started
I encourage yours too


Very good. Very hopeful. I like where your mindspace is at. Sounds like a very healthy attitude.

Keep up the good fight! You’re doing great!

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Good for you @ZanyNotStoopid!

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