Just another piece of writ

When there’s nothing to look back on that looks good enough
When your heart has been blackened by the pain of mistrust
Everything spoken just lies and must
Sort through these broken ties keepin Us
Bound to each other our old lives’ turned to dust,
We saw all the warnings but said it can’t happen to us
We made our own promises but we also lost touch
With what was important in each’ of our hearts
So we calmly walked into the fire face first
Hoping our spirits would hold and not burst
Into the fires we dove in head first
Original liars yeah we were the worst
And what bothered me then still bothers me worse
These were the fires that were ever unjust
And just like the ashes leftover when it has burnt out
We will spread and we’ll sink into the earth
And wait for forever our rebirth
Renewed, and rewired, we shall Do what’s required
To live the best we know how
With the last laughed knowledge that we gleaned with our hands
from the golden time’s sands spread out there before Us
Near the forested lands where our dreams come true
And we can open our eyes to see each other and each in surprise
We made our fires to light up the skies
When we looked back we knew we were now home
And never again would we be alone


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