The FBI and the CIA are leaving me alone

Aren’t you the one who thinks the moderation here is too strict and everyone should lighten up? We’re allowed to have moments of levity. There’s a difference between us being able to laugh with each other and some random person with no MI laughing at us.


My god! i thought that was serious for a couple of minutes. Thats is bloody creepy! (but it did make me laugh!)

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Personal attacks are against the forum rules. Do it again and I will take further action.

For the record, I work full time, donate regularly, and am a certified foster parent. So your leech on society comments makes zero sense, unless you were looking to just punch down on other members who need disability and social programs.

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Wow… glad you’ve stopped pretending to be nice and are showing your true colors. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Congratulations on being the only person to whine on this thread or to get their feelings hurt and lash out. When you do come back, please bring a healthy respect for all community members with you.


Jeez. I wish I had a more productive life.

I watched it. I laughed.

Well Iran is getting to be a problem and China and Russia are active these days so they are needed in other places I imagine especially if you are not doing anything dangerous. The FBI virus that guys get when they look at too much porn was created by someone else by the way.

No seriously I imagine just being labeled paranoid schizophrenic gets some attention by the police at least and if you threaten to kill someone online; especially a prominent person, you will be checked out. In spite of what we try to say about the stigma some famous killers were indeed mentally ill and a lot of them killed or wounded politicians, and famous people. There are also websites where doing business on or checking out will get the authorities’ attention because doing so can indicate future intent, or help convict you in a criminal case. So watch what you say and do online folks, don’t stockpile weapons unless you are certified to do so, and if your voices are commanding you to do harm to yourself and/or others get help.

What does your comments have to do with this satire? These are only jokes online, not real!

Some people really do have delusions that they are being spied on by the CIA, and the FBI. If they have threatened to harm someone who is in the government or do something really destructive it is probably not their imaginations. But otherwise it probably is. Our lives are generally pretty dull, and we are generally too unimportant to get the attention of those people.

OK I’ve read the entire thread. Apparently it is a joke but I don’t see much humor in it. As to whether I work for the CIA I can not confirm or deny it.

They are still not being watched or having microphones implanted in them and it’s not good for anyone on here to hear what if situations because everyone feels they are what if situations! Btw if someone is threatening to harm someone the CIA/FBI isn’t wasting their time with a frivolous schizophrenic. They have departments and there’s no let’s watch the schizo people. If anyone’s life we’re in jeopardy by a mi person they would just have them committed. Now, is social media, phone calls being monitored? Yes, but not because of MI! Anyone who poses a threat. There’s certain key words that get flagged.

I can confirm it for you. You can not work for the CIA or FBI if you have a mental illness! It is a written law. They do major background investigations on anyone they employ. They are able to see any hospitalizations and medications you have ever been on. It is the hardest job to get regarding anything in your past. The interview neighbors you had from when you were a child and so on. My dads golf buddy worked for the FBI until last year when he turned 45, because they also have age requirements for field work employees. He could have done desk work but not field work. Yes, he did follow people who were big time drug dealers (not just your day to day street seller) but he always laughed at the thought That people with MI had these delusions. Not because he was making fun of people with MI but because there’s no logic to it and no one would pay their salary to do that all day.

I bet I could get a job with the FBI or the CIA. Not as a field agent but as an analyst. I already work for the government doing investigative work and they hire people in my field all the time.

I was making fun of the fbi and cia for reading my mind. I believed it at the time that they were controlling me. There is no way they put a chip in my mind. I have never had my head cut open. Taking meds took this away.

Hmmm, they seemed to know a lot about schizophrenics and our symptoms. I think I saw everybody on that panel sitting at a table playing gin rummy at my last hospitalization. Occasionally they would look around the room and start mooing and then laugh hysterically at another patient who had a broken leg and braces.

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