The Day Of The Dirt Farm....By Dr Zen

one day my grand pa bill , said to me, son I can no longer farm wheat its to much work for you alone. I look at him, and waited then he said, the government would like us to plant it in to grassland, I said well it pay out for the tax’s and maintaining it. he said bearly . so the race was on, tilling and ordering grass, and planting. the next 7 years I worked the farm, making less then a dollar a day in wages. as I worked a second job doing body work on bus’s in a factory, after my grand pa died. I work a short time for his kids my dad and uncle. they would never pay me. this was my first currier change. in my life.


Howdy there Dr Zen,

Farm life is usually a lot of work.

I did work experience at farms and they are enormous amounts of food because they worked their body so hard.

When they afforded it they went on lots of holidays or at least twice a year.

I was on a potato harvester machine and the potatoes were so plentiful and I don’t think I had gloves and it was freeezing and my hands hurt.

The wife at this farm took care of the kids and cooked and made home baked bread.
She had her hands full.

They brushed their cows the cows enjoyed being groomed and when spring was there the cows were aloud ioutside and jumped of joy

jolly jumpers🙂

Hope you are well.



My dad owns a “farm”. We’re working on getting pigs and rabbits. He already has 17 hens and three roosters. We get about a dozen eggs a day.


I’ve heard that farm life is really tough.

It’s a lot of work. A lot of animal feed.

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