The Crystal Bridges Museum

If you’re ever near Bentonville, Arkansas stop by and see the Crystal Bridges Museum. The architecture is incredible, and it’s full of amazing art - oil on canvas and abstract art. My brother took me there weekend before last, and we had a great time.


wow, sounds like a dream trip you had ! I would love to see that but I never can get very far as Arkansas unless my family goes. I will tell my sister about it because they harley it around Arkansas.

It’s worth going out of your way to see it. My brother and I spent a splendid afternoon there. I think it cost a billion dollars to build it.

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I can’t travel anywhere when it would be an all day thing to get back. I have two elderly dogs I have to be here for to give one, the Pyrenees, a med for tick bite disease we just found out about. bummer. this means I can’t go to Tulsa either to see my good friends I’m afraid. I am happy to see all my family this friday for Thanksgiving dinner. I play guitar and take requests. we all sing along, makes me feel good. kind of “charges my soul up” to do it.

Keep the Crystal Bridges museum in mind. If you’re ever in the area make a trip to see it.

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