The candle light ritual: the times changing

It is amazing how fast the time goes, again one week was passed and the Friday evening arrived. I had my ritual. I am going to put more pics to my pics thread in this evening. In this week a lot has been accomplished. 10 years in 2014 I had a video conversion project and I converted the great number of the DVD video to a digital format. I have shared these videos in the past month. I bought my first high-tech video camera in St.Thomas, the US Virgin Islands in August 1993, 31 years ago and I have videos since that time, but the conversion project would require spending some money, good videos of Costa Rica for example. The rest of my Friday evening will be busy, I am going to have a walk for an hour I think. My Auschwitz mother, she visited Auschwitz in the 1980’s, is okay, we have talked on the phone a couple of times today. Best wishes from Eastern Finland.

I did one good thing in this evening. I created a video of my town here in Eastern Finland, I used 107 photos I had taken and then I shared this video with other people in my town and other places in the world. I used this Internet application.

I still have many things to do tonight, I bought some zero sugar cola.

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