New vlog for 4/20. It's been awhile

My latest youtube video! Hope you enjoy. Like and subscribe!


Happy cake day/forum anniversary @lostinthespace ! I’ll watch your vlog now.

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Pretty cool Vlog @lostinthespace!

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That was incredible! You’re a creative powerhouse! On a technical note, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again , I’m in awe of your editing abilities.

Nice neighbourhood too.

You’ve got to start visiting vape shops instead of smoke shops though. Time to give up nasty tobacco. :smoking:


awesome video! loved your backyard jam, too! your music was unpredictable to me and i liked it!

What editing software do you use? I make videos of my cat and I use sony vegas from like 2013 or around there. I also used to have another pc that had cyberlink director, and that was also good, but i prefer sony vegas.

in another life i’d like to be a video vlogger talking about sz and politics, but I’m in the closet with my sza, so I haven’t had the courage to make a video like that. bravo to you, sir!

Five cookies out of five cookies rating!
:cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Oooh cookies!! I use the imovie app on my iphone. Thanks!

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