The candle light ritual: the 10th Christmas on the forum

Today is a special candle light ritual because it is Christmas. It is my 10th Xmas here on the forum and I am exactly here where I was in 2013. Many things have happened during these years and many people such as my father have passed away, but my life goes on. Christmas is the time of peace and harmony when people can come together to celebrate this important holiday. I have not got many presents, but I bought one present for myself at one flea market. I bought over 350 ice hockey cards neatly placed in a folder and it was just 10 euros. This may be the best Xmas gift I have got for many years. I wish that we all have nice, peaceful and memorable Christmas. I am alone here as I was on Christmas in 2013, and so my human relations development has not been successful, but I like my time alone. I have my fridge full of Xmas food and drinks and so I do not need to go to the grocery store any more during this special holiday. If the bicycle paths are not frozen, I may have nice cycling during this weekend. Merry Christmas.


Merry ho ho to you my man. Hope you have a good Christmas.


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