The candle light ritual: Baseball caps

I had some thoughts when I did light my candle today. I have a small collection of baseball caps, 20 different caps that I have purchased in different places. I have posted images of three caps I am wearing quite frequently when it is summer. The length of the day is already 12 hours. I like my Cayman Islands baseball cap a lot. I was there in Cayman Islands in 1998, 25 years ago. It was a great trip and I enjoyed my stay in the islands. I got this NYC baseball cap a couple of years ago. and of course I need to have a couple of Finland’s baseball caps.



I like your hats!

I have quite a collection of baseball caps too. They’re mostly a mix of Air Force hats, Kansas City Royals, blank colored ones, and a few horror movie/pop culture ones.

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I have been in New York City three times. In Jan 1990 I was there one day when I was on my way to Upper Peninsula, Michigan. In Aug 1999 I was there for a few days with my former spouse and then in Oct 2000 I lived in my auto there for one week when I attended Internet World Fall 2000 at the Jacob Javits center. It was okay to visit the city, but I would not like to live there.

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