The candle light ritual, something

I have not special candle light topics today. When I looked at my candle light many things came to my mind such as the coming recession, sports, the Midsummer festival, ownership, travelling and so on, but my mind was so empty that I could not find any words. I decided to go riding my bicycle tonight if the weather is good, so basically it would not rain. I find it quite peaceful to ride my bicycle in the early morning hours when there are just a very few people outside. It somehow reminded me how I drove my automobile in Miami in the middle of the night over 20 years ago. Would I ever go back to Miami is probably not in my future plans. It is still good to remember the past. That was all that came to my mind. Peace, life and hope.


It is soon 21:00 here and I am having my evening coffee. I just came from riding my bicycle. I try to be awake the whole night because I want to ride my bicycle when the sun will be rising at 3:12 am. It was nice to ride in this evening when the sun started setting. The sun sets at 23:05 and so the length of the day is almost 20 hours.

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