The bull-dozer did not kill me!



Holy hell man. What happened? Are you injured???


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Are you ok… when did this happen?

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Hey sagar what happened buddy …i feel ur safe .!!! Good ur still writing …!!! Plz take care…!!!

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Is this metaphorical?

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Guys guys guys it means… positivity comes with health yeah it can also come with a choice but health is fundamental necessity for even such a single positive choice

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Yeah! Positivity.

Try to answer it in simple english
.no metaphor…


It means

seeing light at the end of the tunnel

no matter what !!!

@anon93437440 This is the second time now that you’ve posted a thread title about dying that has alarmed folks on the forum. Even if you explain later that it was meant as a metaphor, you’ve still caused people unnecessary worry.

Please stop with these kinds of posts with misleading and alarming thread titles.


Sagar why dont u share riddles with us…cuz i like ur english…keep thinking towards it …

agree with Moonbeam! You don’t shout fire in a cinema and you don’t put up flame posts in a schizophrenic forum.

Seriously dude. I like you have an opinion and your searching for meaning in you life but approach me as a an equal.

I don’t need the rubbish. Talk to me like a person. I don’t mind a bit of philosophy but remember this isn’t a philisophical website and what you say can have impacts on general members!


I agree. Sorry guys.