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I posted this on Facebook today

After I got traumatized some years ago by some sociopathic inhumane people, I got my life back thru exercise, diet, nature, art, music and surrounded by loved ones. If I can recover, trust me anyone can. some wounds never heal but laughter and forgiveness heals everything in time. So fill your life with beautiful people who love you, appreciate you, know your worth and value your integrity. Life goes on. What goes around, comes around. PEACE and happy Wednesday. Don’t let the world make you a bitter person, unfortunately. Learn from miserable people instead of becoming one. Just wanted to vent it out publicly. Gonna go to the park today.


Well said. :sunny:

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Beautiful msg…

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Nice some wounds never do heal completely but you develop scar tissue which can show you’ve been in battle, quite an honorary trait sometimes…like this girl I met really liked how I had a thorny attitude (which I never would’ve got if not for going to war) yet I still had the ability to laugh and smile. Those two poles and extremes and sacrifice of the ego which should be much greater shows something nice that she liked.

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