The book that I wrote and sent to my friend Tim

I thought Tim was my cousin, related on my father’s side, I knew I shouldn’t have sent him my book, but felt compelled to, I think Diane Abbott blames me for costing her the election, my private thoughts on why I was so racist were coupled with very little about my actual psychotic experiences, just theory on how to cope with them :frowning: some books are never meant to be published, though most authors who claim that are lying. Why did I feel the need to explain the obvious to my relatives?

I think the word racist is a misnomer. “Race” from the Greek “riza” meaning roots. Turning it into a competition is problematic, but there is nothing wrong with competing groups. Language, Truth and Logic. Tsuk told GR.

Would you turn race relations into a “competition”? Also, what has Ayer’s work to do with this?

There is a difference between science and maths and psychology. Maths posits a repetition, in reality nothing repeats, but we see it as so, as in the Roman numeral IIIII, repetition. Science then observes the consequences of our chosen repetition. Why keep repeating that colours are different? Colour doesn’t define “race”. Why keep repeating the definition of “race”? Efficient repetitions use the most minimal number, in other words, keep repetition to a minimum. Territorial dispute is won through efficient use of “racial” groupings. Are territorial disputes valid? I’m still thinking about this. As I understand it Cuba never solved the housing crisis, though my information might be outdated. I don’t know the answer, just that martial arts should be artistic and not violent.

The definition of race is problematic, and the uses often made of such definitions are even more problematic, but I see little problem in disputing the truth of the statement “Territorial dispute is won through efficient use of “racial” groupings.” The assumptions that would be necessary to make such a statement work are outrageous.

I did write my book under distress as well,
physical pain.
It is about schizophrenia, but I don’t think anyone told me
I sounded psychotic.
Hope you feel good about your accomplishment.

The assumptions are that human beings are finite, I don’t see any way around that other than reincarnation or waking up in another dream x medium ship or ghosts seem another plausible method… I used to be obsessed with colour codes until I realised there was always 7.48268… * 10^9 people… it is known as floating point arithmetic… since colours are waves they are real numbers, so cannot be represented as finite ones except using approximation… floating point arithmetic allows you to approximate whilst recognising that one is using a particular union of reference, in this case, 10.

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