MODs, if I reply to a PM I've sent, can the person I sent the original PM see the reply as well;

If one of the MODs could get back to me with an answer I would appreciate it, thanks

Yes they can see all messages you send.

I won’t ignore it but you didn’t really promote it that well (your book), but I’m flattered bc I don’t think you’re sending it to many others, Are you though?

I have a friend who works on the mathematics of string theory from a very distinguished family, his late grandmother had an original Picasso that Picasso himself gave to her, I’ll tell you why they’re distinguished later. I’ll pass the work on to him, I’ve already got him working on the music of the spheres, which is not what string theory is about being more concerned with higher dimensions and supersymmetry than the timing of the equinox. In other words, astrology is for materialists, string theory is for dreamers, at least that’s how I see it, but maybe there is some overlap. With regards to my story, it is not my actual book, that is far too crude and convoluted, the story is a much better attempt to express myself written before I started my book, but I’m not even sure if it was me who wrote it now, though it does seem familiar. It’s only a page and a half long, so not too demanding. Not sure if I could promote what your after anymore as things have gone quiet in my spam box, and I stopped replying to spam years ago after getting paranoid people would think I was a traitor. I don’t remember saving the picture either, but that could have been me as well. What is it exactly you want from me;?;

I don’t remember saving the picture either

Maybe stop it. I’m doing the best I can here… and I’m on your side, but you may require more help than I can provide. Your thought stream is making it hard for me to continue this conversation.

All of this was years ago, I’m sure it was me who saved the picture, I gave up playing with spooks some time ago (many years) as I realised that it was just making me mentally ill. I hope this relationship doesn’t go the same way, I want to be useful, but in reality I just want to live.

It’s fine I just look over my shoulder with technology bc I’ve had photos up here for one thing…

I’ll do my best to support you with info, I’ve always been liberal there.

And I’ll give you my gut reaction to your writing samples…