The biggest insult?

So, here’s an insult leveled at Reince Priebus by Scaramucci:

New White House Communications chief Anthony Scaramucci called Reince Priebus a “f–king paranoid schizophrenic” in a bizarre nighttime phone call to a reporter.

And the ignorance and disregard just continues on and on…



and I didn’t even remember the “paranoiac” part. Should I call myself that now?
Is that his professional opinion?
Too bad Harvard Law School doesn’t teach humanity, compassion, decency…


That’s probably going to be on all news stations tomorrow.

It’s there now. Just saw it on the tv. :confounded:

That’s bad and sad news.

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It doesn’t matter to anyone, and that’s what bothers me the most. NO ONE will talk about how insensitive that is to those suffering sz. Everyone will accept it as a harsh but appropriate insult because why would a sz be hurt…can we be hurt? Aren’t we too crazy to have real human feelings? :rage::pensive:


Why would a Sz be hurt?
Because we are human beings.

Wha? Says the media, what would you know if your a Sz?

Me: I think people are cruel idiots.
Media: you have a brain disorder, you can’t think right.
Me: I feel your a cruel idiot too.
Media: Betcha want to hurt me too.
Me: No sense, no feeling = you, not me.
Media: aw you get back on your meds.
Me: you should try some.


Ugh. I was just coming here to post this. My stomach sank when I heard that. Like, our ■■■■■■■ highest ranking members off government think we’re suck garbage that we can be used as an insult. ■■■■.


man, the more I think about what he said the madder I am getting !! wow…haters gonna hate.


He probably means he’s got quickly changing loyalties ie like split personalities. He seems like an ignorant fool.


F_ck them all!
Insensitive, ignorant and cruel Bastards!


That brought tears to my eyes, @Csummers. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. :heart:

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And to pour salt in the wound, they’re probably going to pass the healthcare repeal.

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I think that was voted down ? Not sure :thinking:

Scaramucci said ‘paranoic,’ Conway said ‘alternative facts,’ and Trump said ‘covfefe.’

And I thought the 3 Stooges were dead.


We’d be crazy not vote when the time comes to “Clean House” on all these idiots who need the boot.
They can’t take away our right to vote, so when the time comes don’t sit around and sulk.

Get angry, get revenge- vote them out.


Omg! It’s so horrifyingly hilarious and unbelievable!!! :anguished:

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They haven’t voted yet. But the House just agreed to not pass the “skinny repeal” as is, though I don’t trust them to not fold when Trump tells them to do it. So I’m still scared.

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I’m following it closely. If anyone else is interested I can post updates.