The best part of my week

We meet once in a week. We lied on the bed together and chatted tonight. She was breast feeding her baby boy. We made both of the boys slept. She put her scarf around my neck when I left, so as to cover my chest. My winter coat is not fitting anymore. Can’t zip. I hold her baby while she cooked for me. We shared a bowl of rice. We are similar in so many ways. We understand each other fast, and could help each other to problem solve. It’s just that she is so delicate in feelings I don’t dare to get her too much of my troubles.

We were so close when we were young. It begins when she wrote me a letter, saying that she loves my gentle smile and wants to be around. She let me know what she was thinking and we kept writing after then. When we grow up, something was happening to me i cannot get through. She asked me to leave someone. I failed. The other guy kind of win. She was so angry I don’t know how to face her. After the onset, I reflect on my past. I realize that only someone who really loves u would do that. It is someone who i really care. She is never the second. She is the best person i ever have. So, We meet again. I feel our love everytime we are together. I know this is love. She told me I’m just the same as everyone else. She told me of my values. She told me she would take care of me. I look for love and I found it in our friendship. I don’t know if I have wasted many years we are not seeing each other. But I do know it is the love that I would remember for a life.