The barbers-a problem for you?

Injection today. Comment on my hair. I’m very much sporting the ageing hippy look. To go to the barber or not? The dreaded small talk scenario- eek!!


I’m going tomorrow. I don’t really get into the small talk thing.

Ugh I always hated making small talk too. When I was a little kid I would fake being asleep so I wouldn’t have to :joy: When my dad took me he noticed and got furious at me for being “rude” so that put an end to that :weary:

As long as you take care of you hair - washing, combing - I don’t see where the problem is.

I would have guessed you and the barber know each other by now? Aka he knows you’re not much of a talker?

I cut my own hair. A $30 set of clippers was one of my better purchases – saves time and money


No it’s not a problem for me if you go to the barbers. I think you’ll rock your new look :smile:


The aging hippy look is not too bad, firemonkey. I’ve heard that thesedays the ‘hipster’ look is very much ‘in’. The world and his dog is are wanting the look.

My hair since 1983 has been mainly cut by my wife and then my youngest stepdaughter. The 2-3 times it wasn’t it was cut by a friend of my stepdaughter who is a hairdresser.

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I wait a while in between haircuts. I’m trying to break that habit. I asked to have my car fixed for my birthday though, so I don’t know how I’ll pay for one. The kitties need their flea medication after all…

My hair is easy to cut and super easy to care for. I just ask for a pixie cut.
My ex husband still tries to wear the aging hippie look.

My barbers are pretty Asian women who smell good and have a tendency to unconsciously lean their body on me while cutting my hair. I get my hair cut twice a day, 7 days a week.


I cut my own hair. I haven’t been to a hair-stylist for many years. I think about going and getting a real haircut sometimes, but it’s the touching and social interaction that stops me… The longer I don’t go the harder it gets to consider going.
Good luck, @firemonkey!

I think with my dyspraxic tendencies and visual spatial difficulties cutting my own hair would be a big No No.

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I cut my own hair to avoid the social interaction

i tried cutting my own hair twice and i dont know why i keep doing this… it ends up bad and i have to go to the salon afterwards to fix it…