The average weight gain since the pandemic is 35 pounds

That’s what the doctor told my provider. Seems like a lot but then, staying home would tend to cause one to visit the kitchen often. My provider has gained 9.


I gained a hefty 50 pounds I stopped exercise that was the killer and ate more fast food.

I was 280 pre pandemic level in 2022 January 1st I was 335 holy MF !!!

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I only gained 5lb since the covid pandemic because even before I wasn’t exercising and was eating a lot.

I lost twenty pounds.


Ive gained 30, i just dont get out much to do anything. Im sure if i even just went walking I’d lose some of that.

50lbs here and done lots of hiking.

I gained 40pds over the pandemic but the pandemic is also when Aps were started too

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