The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


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Slow walk



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My slowest distance recorded in 2 hours time. At least I did my exercise for the day.

Best record as of recent but not overall. 10km in under 100 minutes!


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10km in under 90 minutes!



Changing the routine by doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


Not feeling like running or walking. I need some more rest. Pitiful treadmill exercise. Just one of those days. Listen to my body when it says “stop”.

10km in under 85 minutes!

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Hamstrings are sore and I ain’t feeling it. Only 1-hour treadmill exercise.

Moderate treadmill exercise. In preparation for tomorrow’s record breaking run.

Damn it! Not my best nor my worst. I need more than 2 days of recovery to be at my best performance.

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Burned :fire: at least 1000 calories.

1-hour treadmill exercise.

You have excellent cardio. I wish I could burn 1200 calories. Before sz I used to be one of the fastest in running and in beep test in gym class. I outrunned a local football player. I was 140lb all muscle though, now 290lb mostly fat.

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I did about 8000 steps yesterday. Its my best since being on 6mg Risperdal. On 3-4mg sometimes I did 20 000 steps.

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@Aziz Yeah, I was a lot stronger and had better stamina in my 20s too. It’s about a month before New Year’s and I want to get a head start with my New Year’s Resolution. I need to shed the fat to improve my performance. I recorded by best time which was 6km in 30 minutes. My lowest recorded weight was 189lbs. I have a 100+lbs of weight to go. I am fasting by skipping breakfast and lunch while at work. Only eating dinner.

All the best to your weight loss and exercise efforts!

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6km/h straight with a heart rate that increases in an upward trend. Mostly in the green zone.

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