That moment you find everything you've lost recently

So I get in my car and I find my debit card that I replaced a couple days ago…I got charged a $5 fee for replacing it. It literally fell into my hands. I don’t know it was unexplainable how it just FELL right into my hands. It was on the ground in my car but…I can’t even explain. But then I go to the e-cig shop because I lost the bottle of juice I had. I go in and buy peanut butter flavored e-cig juice. I go to my car and get in on the passengers seat to load up my e-cig with the new juice, and SITTING ON MY DRIVERS SEAT…there’s the 2/3rd full bottle of juice that i thought I LOST. #Life

I remember when we used to smoke weed and cigs we would have 10 lighters and then we would lose them all, then find them all, then lose them all, repeat the process. It was never 5…it was 0 or 10. #Life