Thanksgiving recipes across the USA

Our dinner is going to have the following dishes. Turkey, stuffing (white bread for her , corn bread for me) gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry dressing (from a can, the jellied kind only !) pecan and pumpkin pies. that’s all we want for just two people but I do certainly look forward to sitting down to a plate of all that. !!


Jimmy deans sausage roll, rotel, and good cream cheese…just try it plz. Cook the sausage in a pan then drain the fat with a paper towel, then cook in the c.c and rotel…and thank me :smile:

Try some chicken breast fried w/french onions, brown sugar, and a couple of eggs and flour as a layer.

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I think that I am actually going to eat some Turkey this year! :smile:

MMM…I wanna make the Russian Salmon Pie (Alaska) I have actually made dishes close to that one…usually a casserole type thing.

Have also had the REAL traditional American…venison steak, venison stew,
and a few seafood thanksgivings.
I do like home made turkey stuffing though…has to be made from scratch, not the boxed stuff…