Terrible chip flavours lol

My son and I are having fun making terrible chip flavours for the Lays chip flavour contest. So far we have suggested Wart, Moldy bread, Underwear, Public Washroom and Hamster Milk. Imagine hand milking all those tiny hamsters! http://bit.ly/1DU50qL


fart flavour chips .

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Haha, I tried Fried fart and onion flavour, but it told me it wouldn’t allow bad words. Also it wouldn’t let me say toilet or poop.

Vomit & bile flavored.

Barbequed Pus & Puke.

salt and smegma chips.

Suddenly lost my appetite while reading this thread. No idea why though.

Haha, it accepted manure flavour chips. Where it has you write about your flavour I wrote “You’ll never forget the unique flavour of manure chips!”

I bet. I did suggest some good flavours too. Shrimp flavour and also Apple rosemary and brie flavour.

Burnt sesame oil.

I tried using it when cooking some Chinese food and it smelled so horrible I never used it. Upon uncapping it for my wife to smell, she almost threw up. I don’t understand how people can stand the smell or even like to cook with it.

For those who have never smelled it, it smells alot like skunk spray.

Or just Cow Chips -