Telling dentist all meds your on ( mortified )

who else here gets totally mortified every time you go to the dentist? Not only does the dentist know what meds your on but also the secretary and the dental assistant and the hygienist. They all know your mentally ill. I am totally mortified everytime I go to the dentist. I think they should keep your records more private. It is none of their business besides the doctor. I am okay with dentist knowing but not all those other people. Anyone else feel this way?

I didn’t know that.

I really don’t care. I’d rather people knew, unless they are the type to judge.

Ive been feeling a bit more paranoid than usual - I do not like going to doctors, it seems like all they want is to make a profit.

My family doctor takes advantage of me and wants me to take blood tests and wants me to see him every 2 months now - this is ridiculous, especially when I am pretty healthy - no serious issues with me for the moment.

I mean my blood sugar levels have been under control lately, and I monitor it at home.

Healthcare is a big business!


haha yeah I totally get that but it’s not a big deal. Chillax, nobody cares what meds you take. A lot of people got o the dentist besides you, they probably forget about you anyway.

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My aunt happens to work at the dentist office I go to. Kind of an association as they know her and might recognize the relation, especially because she always walks over and says hi when I’m on the chair.

Gotta get the teeth cleaned in any case.

Yeah the medical industry is about making money. @Wave it’s terrible.

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Ya I feel pretty mortified too when I go to the dentist. There was even a place to check "have you ever been hospitalized’ on some paper I have to fill out. I feel like when I list my medications they know it’s for psychosis or schizophrenia. Maybe they don’t know. I feel a little violated. But it doesn’t stop me from going. I actually have an appointment soon because I have a tooth that’s probably rotten.

personaly i don’t care these days if people know i have sz…
take care :alien:

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I agree with @sadandsick. I’ve been to the dentist twice since 2000 (yeah, yeah, I know), and even though it was the same one, I felt very uncomfortable telling them what antipsychotic I was on at the time. He asked what it was, and I told him it was an A-P. He got a look on his face like he had just seen a ghost…I’m not kidding. The pallor that came over his face was so think you could cut it.

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