Tell me something that makes you happy

I’m scared and sad, so I need something happy! what makes y’all happy?


Love :heart:


Being one of the crowd

So many things

I like you too


Winning one game of cricket this season. We have five teams. I’m in the bottom one and there’s 44 other people better than me getting picked every weekend.

Just one game to beat someone would be nice!

That would make me happy!


Accepting a part of myself that I shut out for years and years and just giving myself a break from societal expectations.

And my dad’s dog Oliver makes me happy.


Those are all good things! And aww at the last one :blush: thank you that made me happy! :smile:

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I believe in you! I don’t know much about cricket but I know you can do it!

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Accepting yourself is very hard! I’m proud of you! I’m glad you can be happy with yourself :smile:

And dogs are great! What kind is he? Also Oliver is a cute name :heart:

Rg1 is a good player …am i right…!!!

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Days when I feel healthier. Connecting with close people, long meaningful talks as well as laughter. Laughing really boosts my mood. Oh and sunshine.

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Sunny days


My cats

Good music

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Pictures of cute puppies and kittens :smile:


nothing really…


Hot cup of tea or chocolate.

A good night sleep

Funny YouTube videos (pranks)

Meeting up with friends for walks.

Seeing family.

Making silly FaceTime calls and sending stupid selfie photos.

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My cat, meditation, yoga, my books and magazines, my resources, my apartment, my keyboard, my piano teacher, my nurse, my pdoc, investing, friends and family, volunteering, donating to charity, my computer and smartphone, my foreign language app.

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sound sleep helps make me happy!


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