Teh stoopid, it hurtz

I steadfastly maintain that a schizophrenic with a gun isn’t even half as dangerous as an utter moron operating a vehicle. Badly.


Just… Gawd.


At least a gun only has a certain number of shots. Remember those cars that ran into those crowds? I don’t know where you live Pixel, but there was a spate of reckless drivers who hit crowds of people in my country. One of them was a drunk female executive who just left a night club. If someone were so inclined they could take out a lot more people with a car than a gun. Especially if we shoot at “them” instead of them. :wink:

A small town in the prairie section of Western Canada. Think hills, farms, and cows. I drive a bulk fuel truck that carries 17,000 L of boom. Me having a bad day at work could certainly affect a large number of my neighbours.

I do everything I can to operate carefully, but the general public doesn’t co-operate. I drive the posted speed limit, which means I’m tailgated constantly. Younger drivers seem to think it’s a good idea to ‘draft’ my truck. I’ve learned to watch for them creeping up behind and I know they’re drafting when I can’t see them in either mirror and they haven’t passed me or turned off. That’s when I creep to the right to pick up the gravel at the edge of the road and toss it at them so they back off. Better a few chips in their paint than a casualty.

Illegal, unsafe passes nearly resulting in a collision? Have to report several per week. And don’t get me started on the number of people I pass who are looking at their phone instead of the road.


That gravel thing is a great idea. I don’t know where on the rockless farms I could use it, but maybe if I moved someday because yeah. Some dumb kid’s ‘drafting’ (there’s a different word for it here, I can’t remember it but I know what you’re talking about) you and they hit you and suddenly they were the world’s last hope to cure cancer, a future NFL quarterback, was about to take up the violin, was about to become a ballerina, etc. and now they’re dead/paralyzed/injured/have whiplash and you must be sued right away!

No. It’s a dumb drunk high school kid that made a (characteristically) stupid choice.

Sorry I went off like that :frowning: It is good idiot prevention though.

Yeah, pretty much.

That was me at one point in my life. Half the reason I drive like such a pussy now is that I probably used up all of my luck on the road and then some back in my youth, if one is to be honest.


:slight_smile: You learned. I need to learn to get some aggression. My mom has taught me so many bad habits. C’s mom gave me a coupon for driving lessons with someone who had actually been an instructor. We haven’t done much but what we have done is fixing what she told me!

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