Had a fender bender tonight

I was on my way home from the library and I got distracted by the car next to me and I ran into a van in front of me! I was only going 5 miles per hour but it was a nice solid hit. But I immediately started to get out of my car to look at the damage and exchange information with the other driver but for some reason the person just drove away. So I followed him a little ways but he/she/it wouldn’t stop and then they pulled away fast. Then I thought “Screw it, I tried to do the right thing but if they’re going to just drive away I’m going to just get out of it and leave.” And then they made a left turn and I just kept going straight.
I never had that happen before. Maybe they were drunk or on drugs.


Drunk/drug driver. I’d consider that a win if not much damage to your car. For safety in future I’d get the licence plate. If over here the insurance wants licence numbers. Just crossing the T’s.

I wouldn’t stress about it because you did all you can to catch up to them.


Yeah, good idea…

hey Nick, I’m glad it was not serious, i worry about that sort of thing but i have to keep my wits about me, i drive about 600miles a month that is almost 1000km :slight_smile:

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Lots of reasons they take off, no DL, no insurance, stolen van, Every time there is a storm here there are a bunch of hit and runs

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Yeah, makes me wish I would have hit him a little harder.

Could of been alot of things. Stolen vehicle? No insurance? Had warrants out for their arrest?

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Well, I hope they have a happy life. I got away with ramming some strangers car and not paying a dime.


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