Tea my favorite drink now

When the clock rang, everything in the world stopped for tea. Read a book quietly, then a cup of tea, enjoy the idle time.
What kind of drink do you like? water? cola? tea? or…:sunglasses:


Ming i like tea too …!!!

I love a hot cuppa while petting a fuzzy, purring cat.

We have a new espresso maker right now, however, and I’ve been shamelessly abusing it.

Not sleeping too well, either.

(Probably a co-incidence.)

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Nice to meet you, my distant friend
I drank kinds of tea. sucn as black tea, green tea, Oolong tea… but black tea is my favorite.:yum:

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I also like black tea …
I will pm u …!!!

I like strong tea with milk
Sometimes put two teabags in

12:40 AM and still wide awake.

I’m thinking the three double shots of espresso this evening may have been excessive.



Pixu prepare one for me …!!! I some time like to drink coffee too …!!!

I like tea with honey, in the mornings I have coffee, I like honey …

Tea with honey and lemon, It taste very good. You can have a try.

I like strong tea too, but with nothing.:grinning:

Maybe you drank too much coffee.

I try to drink mostly water, but I do have a big glass of Arizona green iced tea with breakfast. Sometimes I have a little Gatorade or the nestle brand flavored water.

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