Taste and smell

Every once in awhile bread smells and tastes awful. It’s fresh but yet it smells rotten. The kids say it is good. Is this some kind of strange part of sza? Has anyone else have this happen?

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For a moment many years ago my meal tasted like plastic.

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I get that when I’m getting psychotic. Bread will smell and taste moldy and food will taste rotten.


One smell can make me hungry one week and make me feel sick to the stomach the next. My weight yo-yos between 170 and 185 constantly because of this.

During the worst times the food is almost unswallowable to me, it’s so unappetizing. There’s a small selection of meals I can always almost get down so I try to focus on those.

Then I’ll have a week where I eat and eat because it all tastes and smells so great. Go figure.

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This happens to me but mostly with meat products. Its my inner vegan.

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So far mine is just bread. It isn’t good for me anyway so that’s okay. It just seems like it must be part of sza

I am at this point where everything tastes metallic. I don’t know if it is a hallucination or biologic since some autoimmune disorders have metallic taste as a symptom and I only get this once in a while. So far it has made me lose weight which is good because of being on ap’s

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