Tapeworm: Delusion?

If I eat large portions and I am always hungry, and I have stomach aches then it logically follows that it is possible I have a tapeworm right? They keep telling me I have a tapeworm in my stomach and I am really wanting to get it out, but I realize I need to ignore it if it is there and continue doing my work right now. I just really want to take it out and get rid of it.

I’d say, go to a gastric doctor, they can find a tape worm in a heart beat and get it out of you if there is one. One three minute x-ray could save a lot of worry. Some times stress will kill the nerve in your stomach that tells the brain your full.

So it might be tapeworm. It might be stress.

Talk to a doc and then you will know for sure and it will be gone.


Do you have diarrhea too?

No, quite the opposite lately.

Work does not allow me any more time off this year. I will just have to ignore it. Try to convince myself it is a delusion.

Did you say you were in Oklahoma? I found a listing for free clinics. I don’t know how it is in your state, but in mine, free clinics are open on weekends.

I’m not saying it is a tapeworm, but I have read in past post, your undergoing a lot of stress. Stress will hit the stomach in many unhealthy ways.

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I am in Oklahoma yes, I will look into that. The last I heard I was not able to do free clinics because I have health insurance and make too much money. I am not sure if that is still true or not though.

you are not medicated for SZ too so I don’t have any other idea, use “clidinium C” and see if your stomach stops aching or not? if yes then It is nervous and not a tapeworm. “clidinium C” is an OTC med in my country.

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A voice told me I have worms in my head. I heared them crawl. This was before I had meds.

When I was psychotic I believed I had snakes in my stomach. I also had memories of them going down my throat. I told my therapist that I wanted to take a puppy dewormer to get rid of them. This sent me to the hospital. I kept telling people I was there because I was supposed to have surgery but they sent me there. Before I went my doctor had me go for a ultrasound because she thought maybe there was something wrong with my stomach and that was why I was having that delusion. When they did it I felt they didn’t do it high enough so the delusion continued. I really wanted to get out of the hospital because my birthday was coming up. So I told the doctor that I didn’t believe it anymore and I was discharged on my birthday. My point is delusions feel very real, but how would you have gotten a tapeworm? Maybe something else is going on like my doctor thought was happening with me, and this delusion is based on something really happening. I would get it checked out. Good luck to you. :sunny:

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I am freaked out by this thought even when I’m not psychotic. Lol.

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Look up ‘delusional parasitosis’. It is a somewhat common delusion about parasite/worm infestation. I used to/occasionally think I have worms living around my eyeballs or strung thought my body. It’s definitely not a good feeling. Though once I learned that it is a somewhat common delusion, it helped a little.

However, some symptoms of parasite infections are pretty serious. So definitely go to get your gut checked out if you are worried about a tapeworm and experience most of the symptoms involved in a tapeworm infection. Just try to keep in mind that a tapeworm is only one of the many possibilities that can cause stomachaches and excessive hunger. It is also one of the least likely causes as stress and other simple things are the most likely causes.

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ea\t lots of garlic seriousley it can help get rid of worms and its tasty LOL

I love garlic, i put it in a lot of the food i cook.

did you know some people actually medically acquire a tapeworm in order to loose weight thats just gross but if you are worried you could go to your doctor i think anti biotics get rid of it. even if it just to put your mind at rest.

I am not freaking out as bad as i was earlier. I have been having many instances of things crawling under my skin and in my head lately… my partner tells me to just ignore it.

good im glad your not freaking out i know what your going through o0nce i thought i was being tied down by ladybugs and they were biting me ahhh!

I have had some really bad few days lately… and things seem to keep getting worse.

Having a horrible time trying to find help locally. Oklahoma does not have a great selection of mental health services.

sorry your feeling shitty maybe you could find someone privately someone who you like the look of?

I am looking. But feeling a bit hopeless.