Tapering off clozapine

my doc stopped it abruptly. i have fear that ill become totaly crazy, is this the tapering off? my doc says i have a sensible organism. i am just afraid to have the same thing as on clopixol- colors become really intenses and stairing the roof… it s a stupid post,ill try to calm me down i suppose…

Did u say u going on olanzapine also? Olanzapine made me very tired at first maybe will help u sleep

yes, 5 mg of zyprexa in the evening. i am nauseuous right now like i was at the begining of clozapine…

does lots of you here had un unbearable side effects on some aps? for me the worse was clopixol, after that maybe its clozapine…i stopped eating on clozapine

I’ve been on Haldol, Abilify, Risperdal, and Latuda. Latuda is the best but is weak. I like Risperdal but hate the weight gain. Haldol was the worst.

thanks you for the response astefano… its too soon for the haldol still… latuda we dont have this in east europe… i can handle zyprexa but i was still paranoid and suffering on it. if hadlol doesnt work ill go on zyprexa again probably and will count on the time this time :slight_smile: