Talking to other people about your mental health

I plan ahead, write it down, stick to my script. I also anticipate answers and responses pretty well now as I’ve had some practice.

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I used to do this with my pdoc

Problem I have now is he calls me out of the blue rather than the official appointments.

Pretty disruptive.

Guess he’s trying to be helpful in doing that, but it makes it harder to plan for

As for the other services, I have canceled them all. I don’t need these other people interfering in my affairs.

Need to keep them all at a distance otherwise I will say something stupid and get hospitalised.

Don’t like it when people who don’t know me properly think they can get involved in my care when it suits them

Oh, train him. My docs now know that I’ll hang up non-emergency calls that aren’t scheduled after asking them to book a time with me.

Truth is some people arent cool with szs and delusion and will overreact. Just got to deal with it and hope to meet somebody cool.

You have a good doctor who cares about you. I used to call my doctor time and again, but he wouldn’t revert.

I am fed up of psychiatrists now, I have changed many, it is not just that they are disinterested in what they do…but I seriously doubt that a lot are capable of treating a severe illness like SZ. Over the course of 10 years, I struggled and struggled with different psychiatrists, then I myself made a combination for myself that is working.

I just spoke to his secretary and told her that he needs to book an appointment with me, not the other way round

Lol. I don’t understand. What does this achieve?

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It shows him that he needs to stop calling me out of the blue and catching me unprepared with his questions as per @pixel 's suggestion

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Psychiatrists darn well know that people on autism spectrum often maintain strict schedules and get wound up if people attempt to go outside of them. They’re willing to make accommodations in these cases. I figured this out years back and merrily abuse it now.

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Oh I see. I forgot about that aspect of autism. Maybe thats what you should be saying on the phone though. As what you said that you told his secretary doesn’t actually explain it.

The only thing that’s bothering me is myself…

Why is yourself bothering you?

I don’t talk to anyone about mental health. No one understands, not even the doctors and nurses. If you say anything remotely scary or negative they lock you up in the psych ward. For example if you talk about suicide, maybe you just need to talk and get something off your chest, then you’d be fine, but it sets off alarm bells and all kinds of crap happens, better to just not talk about it. I hate hate hate being in the psych ward and I don’t know how a doctor will interpret my thoughts.

My thoughts are generally positive but even if I have a negative thought I keep it to myself.

In the rare occasions I have talked about it I have received funny looks and stupid advice that didn’t help.

I don’t really have any problems that bother me, and when I do I just think about them until I figure out a solution.

I don’t tell my therapist ■■■■ considering how involved I am with drugs at one point

I try not to discuss my diagnosis (sza), with anyone because nobody knows what it is and it seems like nobody is interested in knowing, and it’s too hard to explain to normies anyway.

How do you plan on doing the recording? With your smartphone?

At least your pdoc calls you. None of my pdocs at the VA have called me, except to return my calls, in 25 years.

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