Are you open talking about your mental health or nope?

I used to be very afraid of stigma,now I am less afraid.If you tell people that your ill for no reason,they will still treat you strangely

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I’ve found it pays to approach every opportunity as it’s own separate process. Some people do better than others and although I’m pretty open I just don’t bother with some situations or people. Fighting stigma is great but I’ve found that most people are just into their own stuff. Adopting others unusual stuff just isn’t on the menu.

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Depends with whom.

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Only my family know.

I tried telling my best friend years ago and we haven’t spoken since then.

I will never disclose it to anyone.


I told one person I had known for a while. This person had lots of experience with disabilities. They actively avoided me after sz was mentioned

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I tell people online, but I haven’t told anyone in person (other than my pdoc and case manager). I feel I’m ready to tell some of my extended family

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Same here :frowning: 15

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hi. i find that people in my own life don’t want to hear about it. i am pretty sure it is quite well known in my community that i have sz. i face a whole lot of stigma and prejudice which equal hatred in my book.

still, i feel like i am walking around with some deep dark secrets. the truth is i am not.


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I don’t freely speak about my condition to everyone and anyone but I do mention it to some those I know. In graded amounts depending on how comfortable I feel to share about my condition.

Obviously at the benefit centre and my psychiatrist I say 99prnct of stuff cos of the need to.

I do I consider it my duty/hobby to educate people about it

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