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Taking meds timing


I take my meds only at night? When do you take your meds, night or day or both.?


I take a 300mg Seroquel tablet at 7:00pm every night.


Antipsychotic at night. Antidepressant in the mornings!


buspar and wellbutrin in the morning, abilify buspar and seroquel at night, and everything else mid day


The ones that are activating such as Wellbutrin and Provigil, I take when I wake. The ones that are sedating like my Calcium tablet and Trazadone and Seroquel I take before trying to sleep. The one that is a short acting antianxiety, that is, Perphenazine, I take twice a day.

I’m retrying to use the effects of these medications to help me in the directions I want.



I take all 4 in the morning


Oral at Night and then injection sometime monthly-ish (3 weeks maybe?)


I take most of my pills at night and a few during the day. I take my most important meds at night (blood thinners, thyroid meds) because I sometimes forget my daytime meds or have to skip them so I can stay awake. I’ve done a great job of remembering my Lovenox shots during the day this past week though.


Wellbutrin and buspar in the morning. Risperidone and buspar at night.

I used to split the risperidone into two doses, morning and night, but then my insurance company said it would only cover one pill a day. So now I take it all at night.


I want to raise the 40mg latuda a little.instead of taking twice a day.


I’ve heard your supposed to take Latuda with food…


Yeah it says to.


Antipsychotics and remeron at bedtime

Effexor in the morning :smiley:


Morning noon night


I take my AP in the morning and my mood stabilizer in the evening