Taking a Med Break

I’m on day 4…

I realize I’ll have to go back on them when I start to crash. I’m pretty much resigned to that fate. But I feel my body just needs a break…a detoxification of sorts.

I don’t recommend it for anybody else. When I start obsessing on the Radio, I’ll know it’s time to return to the fold. That has always been the telltale sign for me that I’m losing it.


I’m want to stop my AP. I think I’ll be fine without it, but I worry about the possibility of a relapse


Good luck. I know the meds are damaging my physical health as I feel like I’m short of breath and have chest pains sometimes at 39.
I’m afraid to go nuts again tho so I salute you for bravery.


Hmmm. i wonder if going off of meds and then going back on them is some kind of unhealthy shock to the bodies system or something. Especially if you do it more than once.


Meds are reputed less efficient at same dosage after a break. Then you have to increase the dose and symtoms’ recovery is not sure.


I hate the radio thing too…Is just so sicko when the blabbering and bad jokes make sense, I don’t listen to radio much anymore anyway. Never drive time anyway.

TV anchor is rude too…Lived in bigger city and had fly-by from the Fox News chopper 3 times at tree-level with the anchor saying ‘someone isn’t taking their psych meds’…Anchor talked about supporting his own 3 ruined adult kids too…Interesting…Was the filler talk during the nightly news for a while.

Mental care calls it delusional but, we know. Will only get in trouble answering anything rude angrily…Sometimes just helpful to listen to the chatter, learn a lot just eavesdropping on people in public.

This is so sad for all of us. I worry about what my meds are doing in terms of side effects. I worry about my liver health. I have stopped meds about 4 times in 7 years. Never went well. Now I have hypothyroidism and it is kept normal by synthroid. I am also 42 and thyroid problems run in my family. Still I wonder if the meds are doing more damage than good. I still hear the evil voice of BEN MOITA. He literally will not leave my spirit. He is a demon possessed person. I once chucked all my diazepam and then was awake for 5 DAYS!!!

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I so agree with you. We are guided by non-evil and downright good forces. I listen and laugh to “off color” jokes as well. Sometimes that is my only happiness for the day.

if the meds were any good we wouldn’t want to stop taking them. it’s not our fault the meds are worse than the symptoms

Sheeesh, I hate my meds too but I am scared to stop taking them. TBH, I hope you change your mind. Worried for you.

dude, don’t come on here encouraging everyone to go off their meds. You used to be such a nice guy. I’m not going to say anything…I’m mad at you.


Last time I took a break from meds I was crying in the bathtub with the shower on and all the lights off.After that I got ridiculously paranoid to the point I couldn’t work .I do understand the feeling to detox tho.

Yeah big salute to you. I think I’m a lifer when it comes to med.I’d love to quit them


He said “I don’t recommend it for anyone else.”

Learn how to read, and don’t be so quick to judge.


My doctor broke my dose up into 5 equal pills.

He said when I feel staying on all 5 pills is hampering my funtioning to go down no lower than 2 pills for a while.

2 pills is 40 percent of what my daily dose would be.

You are the highest functioning on here. I have a lot to do everyday myself.

Maybe talk with your doc to prescribe your prescription so you can only take a super low maintenence dose that doesnt impede functioning but still keeps some medication in your system so when you go back up to the dose that controls your symptoms it still works.

It takes me a week to start needing my full dosage and when I go back on it it starts working again the next day.

he comes on here all the time @kindness he knows he’s headed for trouble…he has children and a wife to think about. he’s irresponsible.


If people must come off meds then gradual reduction with doctor’s supervision, and asking friends/family to check for relapse, is the way to go.

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Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

I apologize for belittling you.


Wow when I was off my meds, I was so much skinnier, more social and then became completely Nuts!
I really can’t afford to get off my meds.
@Patrick you are a nice guy but reconsider getting back on your meds.
You have a wife and kids.
I don’t know about you but I can become a danger to others when Psychotic.

Hey @Patrick good luck. Keep us posted with how it goes.