Takeaway Night! All is good!

So tonight it’s takeaway night.

Since my mothers passing last year the Old man and I do fish and chips on a friday night. It’s great stuff.

Had a couple of brews and there’s rugby league on tv. It’s a modern tradition but anything involving food and family is good!

Hope you all have a nice friday night dinner. Make it a regular one with family and it’s so much better! :slight_smile: .


Wish my dad and I were close like that but we are barely on speaking terms sometimes. His mood is generally not good lately due to me. Have fun watching rugby and eating dinner!

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Little steps @anon62973308 . I’ve been a problem and had a bad relationship before with my father but we meet on some points and I don’t push the differences.

It’s sad mum is gone but we are moving into new traditions. Friday night fish and chips is a good start!

You have to appreciate my dad is a depressive bastardo too so we are getting there. It’s always a work in progress!

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If only I were as good at relationships as you seem to be. Sorry your mom passed, my condolences. My dad has depression too and seems to have gotten better about accepting me these past few years. He still keeps hoping I will be independent and “different” one day.

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We all learn @anon62973308. It’s tough. We can’t change those we love but we can help them to get better with us.

Mental illness is hard to accept for a lot of people. It is like a burn on their reputation or parenting when it’s just random genetics. It’s taken me a long, long time to get to a positive respect with my father. It really has been a work in progress.

Just do you but include dad. He’ll come around! I know that is tough and your right…I do well with relationships but it’s all just listening and learning. You can do that too!

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