Fish and Chips!

So every friday dad and I have our take out of fish and chips!

I look forward to it as usually I cook and it’s a nice change. Just have to do the dishes and the food is good!

It’s hard without mum here. We all miss her but we have to carry on. It’s nice having these things like a fish and chip night to build better bonds between us! I used to fight with dad tooth and nail but since mum has passed we’ve not had one argument. Build bridges people!


I’m glad you have each other. Oh and fish and chips sounds amazing.


I like fish and chips, but not a big seller here, not sure if we even have a fish and chip place here

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Captain D’s or Long John Silver?

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Nope, none of those


I love fish and chips, even though we call them fries here. Glad you have your dad and he has you. It sounds like you guys have really bonded since your mother’s passing.


That’s just awesome @rogueone!

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I just love fish and chips. There is probably about 10 fish and chips shops/take aways in my town.

Sometimes I can eat fish and chips up to two times in a week.


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