Sz vs sza grandiosity

I’ve been wondering a lot recently weather ppl with sz get euphoria when having grandiose delusions for example feeling like they can cure cancer or are god it’s just something I wonder a lot is the delusion scary when you have just sz

Euphoria and grandiose delusions? Yeah, I do.


I’ve had some grandiose delusions. I’m not sure if anything related to my schizophrenia would qualify as euphoria, though.

Edit: I am sz btw.

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Are you sz or sza im wondering about people without mania i think lowkey i dont have mania just psychosis hence why im asking tbh

Were the grandiose delusions scary I’m a bit curious how sz and sza delusions are different

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I’m diagnosed as just psychosis but I know it’s sz


No, I’ve haad some scary delusions , but the delusions of granduer were actually the more comforting of the delusions. I dont feel like getting into all my past delusions atm , though.

I have talked about the majority of the forum before, but just dont feel like rehashing them atm.

idk. never had those.

I have delusions of grandeur coupled with an inferiority complex.
I’ll save all mankind and then spend the rest of my life apologizing for it.


I’m sza bipolar type. I’ve had grandiose delusions where God was talking to me personally every day and sometimes it was comforting and other times it was scary. I didn’t have euphoria associated with it.

Euphoria is a manic symptom. @fish_the_archer