Synapse-saving proteins discovered, opening possibilities in Alzheimer's, Schizophrenia


So schizophrenia is brain damage?


Starting to think its categorization from big brother in an attempt to protect us from domestic terrorism. Just casualties of war in the homeland.

Best news in quite sometime, Thanks @everhopeful


I wonder if this treatment works after the damage has been done? Like would it would it work after having schizophrenia? Maybe its a preventive treatment. I don’t think you can create synapses after they’re gone.


Despite the agility in the presentation of data,and the rhythms of understanding impulses that imprint in the mind /emotion about many hidden phenomena that occur in the brain world, but we have different views ;

1- It is difficult to link the immune defenses content of the new discoveries with the scenario / dialogue of the internal scene of the sz condition
2-The scenarios of sz is very complex that cannot be explained simply by proteins protecting synapses

The questions;
1- What is the thing (T) responsible for the function (F) that works to protect the cognitive data concept that transmitted by the transmitter from one cell to another ?

2-What is the thing responsible for protect the cognitive data (message of meaning) from any internal /external interference during the signal’s path from the emitting cell to the receiving cell ?

3-What is the thing responsible for protecting the encrypted cognitive material during the path from the emitter cell to the receptor cell ?
And after the receptor cell receiving the signal sent (the transmitted signal )?

4-How to load the cognitive material implicitly in / on the neurotransmitter ?
How the transmitter links itself with the cognitive material during its journey from the emitter cell to the receptor cell ?

HOW the cognitive data (the mental concept) linking within the dopamine chemical structure during the path from the emitter to the receptor ?

You can, adult synaptogenesis is possible.

Most of it occurs in early life, however adults can form synapses by learning new things, especially motor learning.

I can’t vouch for the scientific validity of all of these, but it’ll give you some ideas:


"Brain can form new neural pathways and create neurons even in adulthood "
This article focus on many useful methods to deal with the sz’s pathway throughout the long term !

But ,in order to find a realistic explanation of these beneficial phenomena,to know its importance ,it is assumed that you know the nature of the internal scenarios of the bilateral conflict between the pathogen ( H) and the human psychic user ,which they are occur in the conscious state of mind /emotion and the corresponding processes in the Energy chemical level

These 10 ways ,are very important when using them during the long term ,it cannot be ignored,dispensed with, or the search for alternative drug instead of them ,but you must know the actual true reason for their importance for a person with sz

They are a personal behaviors(self-effort ) that stimulate the immune tools to invent new methods to help combat the malicious actions of the sz pathogen
-Decompression (dispersal of excess energy in order to create a balance state )