Symptoms of dyskinesia?

I was having a video chat with a friend and as soon as she saw me she flipped out and said I looked like I was experiencing dyskinesia. She’s familiar with it from her own experience and watching film clips of patients in ab psych class. She said my face was “mask like”, and my expression shifted oddly. And she also said I sounded kind of slurred and incoherent.

Nobody else has ever told me anything like this. Now few people know I’m taking an AP, but I still think someone else would’ve noticed by now. Can dyskinesia be intermittent? Should I take this seriously?

I’ve been on Risperdal for 20 years, but off and on. I don’t think Risperdal is supposed to cause TD, so I’m a little dubious. I haven’t called my pdoc yet because I don’t to start a ■■■■ storm, nor do I want to miss any work.

Any suggestions about what I should do? Does anyone have any Youtube clips I could look at to see if they match my expressions?

Don’t trust her unless she’s a psychiatrist.
Ask your psychiatrist.

Benzatropine stopped my movement problems like tremors.

That is the most extreme thing to think you have.

Probably just EPS not TD

First time I’ve ever dealt with this, so I’m not really sure what to do or expect. If it’s true (and that’s an issue in and of itself) then what should I expect? Reduced dosage? New meds? Complete switch of AP?

Is there any way to verify for myself that my face is doing weird crap? Since it seems to be intermittent, it’s not like I can just walk up to a mirror and look. And even then I wouldn’t know exactly what to look for, whether TD or EPS.

I think best speak to your doctor.

On Haldol I had what you describe and I was given Procyclidine and Diazepam to treat it and it worked.

I asked my pdoc who was very experienced if it was TD, and he said it’s pretty rare in his experience